CPAP Mask Reviews

CPAP mask reviews empower CPAP therapy patients with product knowledge and awareness that directly improves the bottom line of CPAP compliance. Before the review is written the mask is fully evaluated based on the personal experience of a licensed respiratory therapist in the home care field. All the manufacturer’s documentation has been read. What does this mask promise and what does it fail to do? Do the features deliver on the mask’s promises? Is this CPAP mask worth the price?

The patients who read CPAP mask reviews are actively problem solving by learning about potential solutions. There are many specific factors to consider and each with their own set of options to consider. Start with the type of mask, whether a nasal mask, full face mask, or nasal pillow interface is appropriate. Next, consider the brand and the model. The Resmed Ultra Mirage, Quattro, ComfortGel, and Swift LT are popular as well as the Fisher Paykel Flexifit 405 and the Philips Respironics Profile Lite. Patients should focus on the features they need and assess their value. Matching mask size to face is critical. The pressure of the CPAP therapy is important; midrange and higher pressures require a stronger, more stable seal. User friendliness becomes an issue when disassembly and reassembly are necessary during routine cleanings. A comfortable mask has no patient objectionable characteristics that discourage daily use. Sealing capability and performance will significantly impact therapy effectiveness. Some mask designs are better suited for wider faces and some for petite or long faces. Quality headgear and headrests secure the mask and allow for quick and easy disconnects for those occasional trips to the bathroom. Masks are available with adjustable bridge mechanisms that provide a custom fit. Patients must keep in mind their own specific needs such as side sleepers, mouth breathers, avid readers, those with skin sensitivity or claustrophobia and any silicone, latex or rubber allergies. Replacement component availability and mask lifespan are useful considerations. The diffuser noise level of certain masks can be a deal breaker for some. Finally, there are additional mask accessories, such as soft cloth headgear wraps and mask pads which can be purchased to upgrade patient comfort.

CPAP therapy patients and their healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to increase compliance rates. Respiratory therapists performing initial CPAP setups are supporting their patients with relevant education and are instrumental in motivating CPAP users towards continuous and sustained use of their therapy equipment. CPAP mask reviews provide quality buying advice and product ratings for their informed readers. Successful CPAP therapy patients are motivated and self managed individuals who search the internet for useful content to troubleshoot problems, find solutions and formulate purchasing decisions regarding CPAP equipment and supplies. CPAP mask reviews present free, definitive opinions about mask value for their readers and offer insider tips gleaned from professional respiratory homecare practitioners.

Respironics Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask

One of a kind comfort. Two-in-one convenience.                                      Sure does sound good. Let’s have a look and see for ourselves.  Surprisingly, this premium, lightweight nasal mask is designed with a gel cushion and forehead pad that provides a soft, comfortable, precise fit and easy feel on your face. The innovative gel cushion is fully customizable, offering both a personalized fit for better sealing and pillow comfort. Don’t get me wrong the Profile Lite is a comfortable off-the-shelf mask, and very popular the way it is, right out of the box, but for those self motivated patients who are willing to go the extra mile, the payoff is more than worth it. The simple, 10-minute customization process molds the mask to the patient’s facial contours for a truly personalized seal. Patients are able to easily customize the mask on their own, even repeating the process as needed, to find the perfect fit for themselves. Finding the perfect fit means no air leakage and less tension required to maintain an effective seal. To customize the Profile Lite nasal gel mask, simply place the mask in water that has been boiled. Cool the mask and press it against the patient’s face. The heat-absorbent cushion will feel like a warm compress as it creates the custom shape. Whether a customized fit or a standard contour is desired, the Profile Lite offers both. The  Respironics Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask comes in a wide variety of mask sizes available, from petite to large, providing my patients with the personalized fitting options they need. An additional soft gel cushion conforms to the contour of your forehead, reducing bridge pressure. The exhalation port disperses the air for quiet operation and a swivel elbow allows the connector tubing to move freely. Cleaning is a snap, basically just two components to wash. Remember to cap the pressure ports if you are not using supplemental oxygen. On the downside, I am a huge fan of quick release headgear straps, unfortunately there aren’t any,  just the usual velcro.

The Respironics Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask succeeds in addressing two of the primary complaints I hear from my patients, facial discomfort and air leakage. In my view, the Respironics Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask empowers the CPAP patient with equipment solutions that actually work by consistently delivering a comfortable, custom fit for many of my nasal CPAP patients.  Excellent field performance.  A solid value.

Respironics Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask 

CMR Rating 98/100.   


Respironics ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask

“ComfortClassic provides quality performance in a no nonsense package. Sometimes a simple solution is best. No wonder this uncomplicated mask remains a favorite to those looking for a good seal, reduced complexity and great value.”

That’s the tagline. Simple, good seal, quality performance.  Hmmm…I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a bit skeptical on this one. Time to unwind the sales pitch and get busy with our fair and balanced evaluation.  Many of my patients hold this mask in high regard, and I sincerely respect that.  If the ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask works for you, fantastic! For the rest of us, let’s take a few minutes and discover why this mask may not be for you. We will begin with features. The ComfortClassic, like all masks in the Comfort Series, is latex free. It is a single wall silicone membrane construction, the inner base being thicker for stability and support.  The thin outer membrane surface fills with air and is intended to create a comfortable seal at the point of contact. I have listened to and seen complaints about red marks and discomfort from the thicker part of the membrane “digging” and causing skin irritation. The thin outer edge of the contact point appears to be, in my opinion, frequently insufficient to maintain a secure seal with active sleepers and moderate CPAP therapy pressures (10-15cm) requiring additional tension on the headgear to eliminate the frequent air leaks, which results in the high incidence of skin abrasion and red marks. There is a fine line between comfort and sealing capability. When the mask is adjusted comfortably, it often leaks. When a good seal is achieved, it can result in discomfort. So much for simplicity.  There is also an effective two position gel spacer, which allows the patient to extend the forehead rest and match their profile. Headgear is basic with standard velcro, the exhalation port is reasonably quiet.

The Respironics ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask comes up short for me. Complaints of facial discomfort and air leakage are common. For some loyalists however, it works. Moderate performance, moderate comfort, moderate value. I don’t recommend average.

Respironics ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask

CMR Rating 85/100